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We educate parents about the importance of high-quality child care and how to choose the best care that fits their needs. Offering a variety of resources for families including choosing child care, child care referrals, a lending library, parent workshops, and MORE!

Valley Oak Children’s Services Parent Café is a great way to have a night off and connect with other parents, foster parents, grandparents, and providers in our community. This is not a parenting class but an opportunity to have a stress-FREE night and great conversation with other families. This family night offers a family-style meal, child care, and peer-to-peer Strengthening Families Discussion.

Cafés are hosted once a month in Chico, Oroville, and Gridley.

Investing in a child’s early years of life can make a huge difference between a healthy start and never catching up. Child care is expensive, the average cost of child care is up to 60% of family’s budget. We help families stay on their feet by providing financial assistance for child care that enables parents to get a job, keep a job, or attend school.

This empowers the workforce in Butte County. Reliable child care results in reliable employees which increases business productivity and contributes to working parents achieving their career goals and economic stability.

As a Strengthening Families organization, we strive to build on families’ strengths and infuse the Five Protective Factors in our daily work and interactions with families, child care providers, and the community. Focusing on what’s strong instead of what’s wrong.

what makes your family strong

The goal at Valley Oak Children’s Services is keeping children learning, parents earning, and keep our community growing. 82.5% of every dollar we receive is reinvested in the community – last year we invested over 10 million dollars to support children, families, child care providers, and the community.

With the support form organizations and individuals like you, we work together to build a better future for our children and the next generation of leaders. Thank you for making a difference for children in Butte County!

Fundraising is vital to keep our programs thriving.

Fundraising supports our Parent Café and Behavioral Health programs, purchase back-to-school backpacks, life vests and helmets for children in Butte County, purchase over 10,000 books for children, and MORE!

Keep an eye out for our next fundraising event.

In collaboration with Butte County Behavioral Health, we serve children 0-5 in our community with challenging behaviors. Specialists provide site visits, resources, consultations, assessments, and treatment plans on such behaviors as aggression, biting, tantrums, hyperactivity and more at child care sites.