Valley Oak Children’s Services is a private nonprofit agency serving Butte County, California. Our programs reflect our commitment to building strong communities and we believe that when families have the services and support they need, they will be able to raise healthy, competent and capable children.


Business Hours

M-Th 8:30-4:00 Friday 8:30-3:00

Closed for lunch from 12:00-12:30

Families Have Questions - We Have Answers

My Kids get tired of their toys

but I can't afford to buy new ones?

Community resources -

where can I get help finding them?

My toddler bites the baby,

what can I do?

Is there a place where

Child Care providers can

get curriculum ideas?

I'm a single dad raising daughters, is there someone I can talk to?

How do I know what type of

Child Care is best for me?

I can't afford Child Care

on my income, is there

anyone that can help?

What kind of training can

Child Care providers get?

I'm new to the area -

is there a group of parents

I can connect with?