The Food Program Benefits

Benefits to Children:

    - Development of healthy eating habits


    - Nutritious meals and snacks that support healthy

     growth and development


    - Nutrition education


Benefits to Providers: 

   - Reimbursement for meals reduces the cost of

     providing quality care


   - Children are healthier and happier because they are receiving 

     good nutrition


   - Support from food program monitors

   - Nutrition education


   - Less meal time problems when all children are served

     the same foods


   - The Child Care Food Program is an effective marketing tool; 

     Parents often look for providers who are in this program


Benefits for Parents:

     - Helps to keep the cost of child care down


     - No need to prepare or send food to child care


     - Nutrition education and support when needed


     - Know that your child is receiving a well-balanced 

        nutritious diet while in child care